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Facebook has more than 1.3 billion users! - Why do not you use it?


With our individual training you will learn how to lead your Facebook account and how to use the system paid promotion.
We invite you to read an extensive article on the site How to effectively advertise a restaurant on the Internet?



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Your fans are your customers!

Keeping Facebook Fanpage restaurant is now determinant - of our company exists in the internet! Obtain a bunch of fans in your area. Stay in touch with them and inform about events in your restaurant. Over time, the increased amount of our fans - at the same time increasing the effectiveness of your fanpage!

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Promoting on Facebook!

Under each post displays the number of times it has been shown by other users. With the ability to promote, we can reach out to all our fans and more!
Facebook allows you to promote the posts so that they appear also to those who do not yet have polubionego your profile! These may be people living in the area of your restaurant, friends of your current fans or people that meets specific criteria, eg. The status of the compound, the age range, gender, interests.


Restaurant page must look tasty!

Customers are looking here for the menu, use the photos and videos of dishes to encourage greater to look at your page! Photos and videos are made in your restaurant so they look natural. Customers can see that when they come - will get the same looking dish.

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An excellent way to increase sales is to organize promotions on Facebook! This allows customers to attach to your restaurant and know that they are important for you.

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