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TV in the restaurant can be used for watching football mach or watch music channels. Elegant restaurants use TV for displaying commercial video or for example – fire burning in the fireplace.

tvmenu 1 - Tv Menu tvmenu 2 - Tv Menutvmenu 3 - Tv Menu allows You to use TV for promote Yours menu. Videos featuring dishes are short, so the entire menu can be seen in about 10-15 minutes.

See example of TvMenu made for SportPub:

When a particular dish is visible, client see also its name, and if you wish – price. For each restaurant prepare a separate template TvMenu – select font, transitions and design. At your request, we can also add a specially adapted movie pasting additional advertising blocks. Most new TVs have the option of playing movies from pendirve. Therefore TvMenu installation usually requires no additional hardware. At any time, you can turn off the TV and use TvMenu otherwise.

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