With VideoMenu they can see your food on their computer or phone device.

Do you want to stand out from the competition?

videomenu wzor - VideoMenu

Left, major part:

  • contains a window that displays films and Menu categories
  • slider with the possibility of placing subtitles / advertising film
  • allows customers to easy browsing dishes
  • instead of video, you can also put picture of dishes
  • positions without video / photos do not have icons


The right side contains:

  • logo and the name of the restaurant
  • links to other sites such as facebook, web page, youtube, phone number
  • restaurant opening hours
  • shopping bag (if the restaurant has enabled online ordering system)
  • newsletter SMS (for customers who want to receive messages from you sms promotions)
  • button for a virtual presentation / photo gallery

One of the biggest advantages is its mobility. When a customer opens VideoMenu on phone or tablet, the page will automatically adjust to the resolution of the device. It does not require the installation of additional applications and software. The customer can view the menu on his phone in a restaurant.

videomenu tel - VideoMenu

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